Can Advertisers Influence us Through Neuromarketing?

ESL news-based lesson plan

Lesson Overview

This ESL lesson plan  deals with the theme of advertising and marketing.  In particular how marketers are using neuroscience to influence customers behaviour or buying habits .  This lesson is based on the video  Can Advertisers Manipulate Your Brain Through Neuromarketing?

It focus on practicing key skills related to listening, speaking, collaboration and critical thinking.  You will need at least 60 minutes to complete this ESL lesson. However, lesson can run up to 1.5 hours ( consider  90-minute lessons  for university teachers or adjust as needed).

While targeting intermediate and upper-intermediate language learners of English, it is highly adaptable as it have been purposely designed to faciliate mixed-levelled classes. This includes in a tertiary institution such as a university or within a professional environment, targeting professionals.

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