Cloud Security: What is cloud squatting?

ESL news-based lesson plan

Lesson Overview

Cloud Squatting will be taught to students in the Cybersecurity and Data Protection ESL lesson. Cloud squatting occurs when a business rents space and IP addresses on a public server, utilises them, and then returns them to the cloud service provider if they decide to discontinue using the service. Server space providers such as Amazon, Google, and Microsoft assign the same IP addresses to different businesses.

If the new “firm” is a malicious actor, it may exploit the information arriving at the location meant for the previous user of the cloud server space. Students will acquire terminology and linguistic structure to assist them in talking about Cloud services like IP addresses, public servers, leasing, as well as risk associated with such practices.

It focuses on practising key reading, speaking, collaboration and critical thinking skills.  If used as a flipped ESL lesson, you will need at least 90 minutes to complete this lesson. However, lessons can run up to 3 hours ( consider two  90-minute lessons or for university teachers to adjust as needed).

While targeting intermediate and upper-intermediate language learners of English, it is highly adaptable as it has been purposely designed to facilitate mixed-level classes. This includes targeting professionals in a tertiary institution such as a university or within a professional environment.

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