ESL lesson: The Privacy Risks of At-home DNA Tests

The Privacy Risks of At-home DNA Tests

Video-based ESL lesson plan

Lesson Overview

This ESL lesson plan looks at  genetic data and right to privacy. Students develop an awareness of how at-home DNA tests are being used to reunite families as well as how they have destroyed others. Learners will also look at how at-home DNA test  results are being used to solve crime.

The student will also watch a video titled ” Home DNA tests can disrupt family dynamics. Here’s how” and answer related comprehension questions.

It focus on practicing key skills related to listening, speaking, collaboration and critical thinking.  You will need at least 90 minutes to complete this lesson, if used as a flipped classroom ESL lesson. However, lesson can run up to 3 hours ( consider two  90-minute lessons or for university teachers adjust as needed).

Student’s PDF worksheet and the Teachers lesson plan can be used as a lesson plan for teaching English online.

While targeting intermediate and upper-intermediate language learners of english, it is highly adaptable as it have been purposely designed to faciliate mixed-levelled classes. This includes in a tertiary institution such as a university or within a professional environment, targeting professionals.

Quick Info

Starter and discussions

Previewing activities to help stimulate interest in the topic as well as connect to previously known knowledge. Critical thinking discussion activity.

Grammar and Activity

Language Focus: A key language function or grammar point is elected based on use in the article

Vocabulary Check: idioms, verb + noun  collocations , word formation  relating to the topic.

Activity : A report, letter, presentation , A review, an email,  forum

Lesson Includes