Is this the end of our throwaway culture?

article-based ESL lesson plan

Lesson Overview

This news-based ESL lesson plan  looks at with the theme of “Planned obsolescence” .  The ESL lesson is based on an article published in the Conversation online. It looks into how different countries are putting in place different measures o reduce the impact of our throwaway culture.

It focus on practicing key skills related to listening, speaking, collaboration and critical thinking. It might also be used when discussing narrative tenses. You will need at least 60 minutes to complete this lesson, if used as a flipped ESL lesson. However, lesson can run up to   90 minutes.

While targeting intermediate and upper-intermediate language learners of english, it is highly adaptable as it have been purposely designed to faciliate mixed-levelled classes. This includes in a tertiary institution such as a university or within a professional environment, targeting professional. 


Starter and Key vocabulary

First, students complete some previewing activites to help stimulate interest in the topic as well as connect to previously known knowlege. This is done through a general discussion on the topic. In addition, they review or learn how context determine the meaning of words. This is essential to understanding the video. 

Next, they move to another speaking activity, but this time they need to choose one payment method and think of its pros and cons. Encourage your students to take into consideration such issues as speed, security, costs, etc.

Quick Info