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Provide the English skills your ESL students need to communicate effectively, through authentic content that is relevant , interesting and adapted.

ESL Lesson plans and resources for 21st-century learning

Each lesson is optimised to support 21st century skills your ESL students need such as communication, collaboration, critical thinking, and creativity skills.

esl smart city lesson plan example


Authentic news and video content that is relevant, interesting and adapted for ESL learners. Activities and supporting materials serves as a scaffold that builds on and extend your student’s existing language and content knowledge.

Content Specific

Content specific lesson plans developed for students at the intermediate level (CEFR B1) and higher. Useful for teaching English for science, technology and engineering as well as professional communication.

Flexible and Adaptable

Various authentic news and video-based ESL lesson plans and resources available that is designed to best serve the different needs of your students.

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Why you should stop buying new clothes

ESL news based lesson plan


What is 5G technology?

ESL news based lesson plan

vertical farming esl lesson

Is vertical farming the future?

ESL news based lesson plan

Does 5G affect health

Is 5G dangerous to our health?

ESL news based lesson plan

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