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Address the diverse needs of your students with our versatile collection of authentic news and video-based ESL lesson plans. Our resources are adaptable to various learning environments, ensuring you can seamlessly integrate them into your teaching approach.

Relevant and Engaging Content

Immerse your students in authentic news and video-based lessons designed to captivate their interest. Our content is not just language-focused but is also adapted to be both relevant and interesting, ensuring an effective learning experience.

Skills for Success

Equip your ESL students with essential 21st-century skills—communication, collaboration, critical thinking, and creativity. Our lesson plans are optimized to engage learners in a way that goes beyond language acquisition, fostering skills crucial for their future success.

Content-Specific Mastery

Tailored for students at the intermediate level (CEFR B1) and above, our lesson plans go beyond generic language teaching. Specialized content allows for effective English learning in fields like science, technology, engineering, and professional communication.

Interactive Learning Experience

Say goodbye to static PowerPoint presentations. Our interactive lesson slides redefine the teaching experience, whether you're in a physical classroom or engaging with students online. Elevate your teaching with dynamic, multimedia-rich content that keeps students actively involved.

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Looking for ready-made lesson plan? No worries. Get access to our growing ESL resources library to meet your teaching needs. New lessons weekly!

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Not seeing the ESL lesson plan you would like? We co-create with you. Request or/ and upvote future lesson plans ideas from within the members area.

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