Computers: CPU, memory, input and output

ESL news-based lesson plan

Lesson Overview

This fantastic ESL technology lesson on computers is perfect for intermediate and upper-intermediate English language learners. During this lesson, students will explore the fascinating world of computers and the functions they serve in our daily lives. They’ll delve into the language structure and vocabulary necessary to discuss the various input and output devices found in computer systems, learn about the different functions of these devices, and understand the differences between input and output devices in other electronic devices as well.

Through this lesson, students will also be able to learn about the important role of the computer memory and CPU, enhancing their technical knowledge and awareness. Additionally, this lesson focuses on critical skills such as listening, speaking, collaboration, and critical thinking, making it a well-rounded learning experience.

It is a highly adaptable lesson, designed specifically to facilitate mixed-level classes. It’s suitable for professionals in tertiary institutions like universities or professional environments. If used as a flipped ESL lesson, you will need at least 90 minutes to complete this lesson. However, lessons can run up to 3 hours, making it perfect for teachers to adjust according to their students’ needs.

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