Introduction to wind turbine energy

ESL news-based lesson plan

Lesson Overview

In this ESL science lesson on renewable energy, students will have an opportunity to delve deeply into the workings of one of the world’s leading renewable energy sources: wind turbines. Throughout the course of the lesson, students will have an opportunity to learn about the different types of wind turbines and their uses, as well as the various challenges that come with the use of wind power.

This exceptional lesson has something for everyone, including learners of English who will be exposed to a wide range of language structures and vocabulary that they can use to describe and discuss the topic. With an emphasis on teaching critical reading, speaking, collaboration, and critical thinking skills, this lesson is perfect for anyone who wants to engage with a fascinating topic. It is recommended that this flipped ESL lesson be allotted at least 90 minutes for implementation, with the potential for a maximum runtime of up to three hours.

What’s especially great about this lesson is that it is highly customizable, making it ideal for mixed-level classes. In fact, it is designed specifically to accommodate professional learners in tertiary institutions such as universities or other professional contexts.

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